We buried Her in the forest by my house

My dog used to hate only one thing in her life
A tree. It was very lean and lonely
But it had a very unpleasant look
As if it was going to devour your dreams as soon as you
      touched it
And of course as soon as you did
Neither nothing would change in its look
Nor it would stop being lonely
But I really doubt about any of the dreams disappearing

Instead of my dreams
My dog disappeared
I mean not literally, her body was still there
But her consciousness disappeared with her childish dreams
And I never saw any of them

And for four years I believed it happened because I touched
      the tree
But when my little brother committed this crime
Nothing really happened
So maybe my dog’s death was my fault, not the tree’s
And she died because I believed that my dreams would
I didn’t consider only one fact

Her name was Dream