The idea of Order at Villars-sur-Ollon

Every season the village seemed to become a new place
In summer cows’ mooing was raising above me together with the
      chorus of their bells
And grass was murmuring that sun and warmth would both last
Every summer was hopelessly endless back then
And every sudden creak of an opening wooden door reminded me
      that I was not alone
Even small places are crowded with life

Every winter the cows stayed silent in their stables
And their bells were taken off and hidden among other things
      waiting to be needed again
This waiting was only interrupted by wind, snow, fog and some-
      times hail
They were playing my soul like a piano, making me nostalgic and
With my duvet in the always vivid and chaotic boarding house
Back then

Every spring was like a rest from reality
I was feeling summer stepping on my toes and trying to break the
      silence of blossoming nature
My dreams were bright and quiet, my days were fullfull with hope
      and faith
Playing with each other in the never-ending dance of routine
But my heart was waiting for a change which would never happen
A change of plans, sudden event, sudden falling in love or a
      sudden break up
Which would never happen
Back then

And autumn brought me together with my age,
Made me a little less of a child, not particularly older to notice
Year by year
My teachers were holding their hands tight always fighting with
      our reckless youth
And these things never changed and never would
Everything was ordered
Back then

When I found out I was living my life in order
I left
Back then