Medical education

Once I was asked a very interesting question during my biology
My friend asked me what I thought people were made of
Only now I understand what he actually meant by that
Because in fact
We are not made of flesh and bones
Of ligaments and blood vessels

We are made of barbed wire and thin glass
We are able to see each other so clearly and so neatly
But never able to get over the wall without cutting our soft hearts

We are made of swear words and night stands
Trying to break through our daily routine
Trying to break the rules making ourselves feel alive

We are made of fake gold rings from the suspicious-looking shops
in the center of Moscow
From headphones tied in a knot
Inventing love and feelings
When in fact we are slowly dying trying to drag somebody else
with us

We are made of dyed screaming-pink hair with split ends
To feel special, to feel noticed, to feel excluded
From coca-cola. From sprite. From fanta and mirinda
To feel our empty souls with bubbling feeling of neverEEeending
To fill ourselves with something

And what do you think we are made of
I asked him then

And he said
I don’t think you are right, Jessie
I think we are made of nothing