I will tear you apart on my own, so you will stop breathing, having convulsions lying in my arms. I will bury you next to my old house, without any memorial, without a “happy” photograph, with no flowers. I will bury you on my own. Leaving your beating heart in my jewellery box.

I will tear you apart on my own
Rip off every single bone inside
Reach your heart, reach your dead empty soul
Just like you it was never alive

Just like you I’ve been wanting to die
Not alone, God, but maybe with you
Be reborn, be like you. No? Revive
My desire in your dirty bones.

Hit me once, hit me twice. No? But why?
Don’t be gentle, I do not deserve
Be devoured untouched by your love
Just destroy my own little «inside»

Let me cry, let me love, not be loved
Let me steal, not be caught, but forgiven
Let me be far away from your side
Let me die next to you. Let me. Please

Break my nose so I cannot breathe
Step on my face with your ego
Beat me to death, but revive
My desire in your dirty bones