Have you ever asked yourself what is

Have you ever asked yourself what is
The one thing you would not be able to live without
The thing nothing would be the same without

Is it the air stuck forever in your lungs?
Is it the viviparous drops of water on your forehead?
Maybe not?

For me it is something different, something we barely ever lived
Something more vivid than any of your tired ideas and dreams
If you have them, of course
If I have them too

Language. My Language. Language of our ancestors, of our future
Of my future children after all
Every sound I make, every breath accompanied with thoughts
Do you know how to think without words?
Maybe animals do, or maybe they have their own Language
Their own ways of expressing their lives, themselves after all
What if we do too

Language changed us forever and taught us to believe in things
In God, in death, in chaos
Maybe not in order

But even though Language simplifies us
It makes us more complex at the same time
Because we learned to distinguish our emotions
Our lives one from another

It is a simplified word in complex souls
Or a very complex soul in a very simple world

What is it for you?